WPIX Newscast Highlights Spectra's Dangers

tv stillsChannel 11 WPIX NY reporter Joe Mauceri reported from the construction site of the Spectra pipeline Wednesday, interviewing advocates from Sane Energy Project and the creators of Occupy the Pipeline's gone-viral video (more than half a million hits and counting).  Owen Crowley said the money would be better spent on renewable energy sources, calling the pipeline, “19th century energy. Here is the 21st century, we have other options, we should be going for those options.” OTP activist, Michele Fox noted Spectra's terrible safety record, and the radon issue, saying, "this is an issue for all of New York City because we’re all using our gas stoves in apartments that aren’t very well ventilated.” This report and other recent media coverage of Spectra (WNBC and even Fox News) also appear not to be buying Spectra's tired line about this pipeline "meeting or exceeding" federal standards, noting the pipe will only be required to be inspected once every seven years.