Community Benefit Agreements

Take action!

Help us ensure language for a Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) is included in the contract between New York State and Statoil, the developer of the offshore wind farm project off the coast of the Rockaways and Long Beach. Watch a short (60 second) video here that explains this.

The New York State agency in charge of renewables (NYSERDA) will soon release our Offshore Wind Master Plan for the state. We will get together to read through this, and determine the points of public participation and action steps. Join us for a Master Plan Pizza Party and build our community power!

Contact us if you want to review the Master Plan with us when it is released. 


In January 2017, Governor Andrew Cuomo committed to developing 2400 megawatts of offshore wind power by 2030. In January of 2018, he made a second step and agreed to procure the first 800MW. With multiple offshore wind developments under way in New York State, Sane Energy Project is ensuring that any contract with developers include strong protections for consumers and citizens in the form of Community Benefit Agreements.

Community Benefit Agreements include  provisions for local, union labor, protections for ratepayers, as well as environmental regulations to protect marine habitats, air quality, and more.


New York's Offshore Wind Advocacy coalition


As a founding member of the WinWindNY coalition, Sane Energy Project advocates for Wind power. We have published letters to Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Blasio, urging them to commit to offshore wind and join the fight to move New York to 100% renewable energy.

Sometimes, advocacy means killing bad ideas so that alternatives may be explored. In January, 2015, we presented met with the NY City Council, outlining the advantages of offshore wind and argued against a proposed fossil fuel project, which was later vetoed thanks to the efforts of our coalition.

Click below to see the presentation we gave to the council: