We will not stop. this was the largest climate march and action in albany’s history. We continue to work in coalition with the participating groups.


On the morning of April 23rd, over 1,500 people gathered in Albany to to take our three demands directly to Governor Cuomo.

  1. Halt all fracking infrastructure

  2. Institute a rapid and just transition to renewables

  3. Make corporate polluters pay for the damage they’ve done

At the beginning of the day, we listened to residents of Sheridan Avenue tell us of Governor Cuomo’s plan to turn the neighboring steam plant, which sits adjacent to their homes, into a fracked gas power plant to supply the Empire State Plaza, the seat of New York State’s government, with heat and power.

After the spirited rally, we walked to the Capitol with hand made art, singing songs that lifted our sprits as we marched into the Capitol building

Thank you for making this historic day possible.

Individuals from all over the state to gather for the largest demonstration for climate justice in Albany and made it possible for us to strengthen and unify the statewide movement for a just and rapid transition to renewable energy. It also enable over 1,500 New Yorkers to stand with the people living on Sheridan Avenue who will suffer most from the construction of toxic fracked gas projects and helped us strengthen our democracy by empowering people from all over the state find their voices. One participant wrote:

"I feel not alone, I feel like I have power more power than I realize, I feel like I can make a difference, I feel like I went in to MY capitol building and made my voice heard. It inspires me to run for office one day. It bolstered me as an activist."

The impact of the April 23 action has already gone far beyond the display of people power on April 23. Not only have the three demands we rallied behind become an election issue in New York State, but groups in other parts of the U.S. are using these three demands to bring a sharper focus to their push for climate justice and energy democracy.

Thanks so much for making this work possible. We look forward to continue building an unstoppable movement with you.

The team at Sane Energy Project