Williams is proposing to lay a new pipeline, called the Northeast Supply Enhancement Pipeline, which would carry fracked natural gas (methane) from Pennsylvania across the Lower Bay of New York’s harbor.

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Why we oppose this pipeline:

  • It would extend New Yorkers’ dependence on fossil fuel and so contribute to the worsening of climate change.

  • Construction of this pipeline would threaten human health. The seabed that would be dug up for this pipeline contains unsafe levels of toxic substances like arsenic, PCB’s, and dioxin.

  • In addition to churning up toxics into the sea water, the unrelenting construction, with its noise and water turbidity, will harm marine life.

  • Williams and its subsidiary Transco have a poor safety record. A leak or rupture of this pipeline would threaten shore communities, both human and non-human.

  • At an estimated cost of just under a billion dollars, yet delivering to an area that just got a new delivery pipeline in 2015, it is both unnecessary and expensive, especially since Empire Wind, the nation's first utility-scale offshore wind farm is coming to New York.

This underwater part of this pipeline would be laid for 23 miles along the south coast of Staten Island, past Coney Island, and ending 4 miles south of the Rockaways. Construction would require excavating a trench across the entirety of the route to bury the pipe. Williams says it plans to work on the offshore portion of this pipeline 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for over a year.

Please see the one-stop-shop campaign website we built:

Our allied groups organizing against the pipeline.

350BK | Surfrider NYC Chapter | Food & Water Watch NY | Rockaway Beach Civic Association