Stop Williams Pipeline Victory

New Yorkers temporarily* stop Williams fracked gas pipeline in New York Harbor.

* Governor Cuomo left the door open for Williams to reapply, and NOW is the time to turn up the heat -- on renewable heat! Details and next steps below!


The New York State DEC conditionally rejects toxic and unnecessary pipeline in the face of threatened moratoriums, New Yorkers vow this pipeline will never be built

In the heat of a nearly three-year fight against the Williams fracked gas pipeline, the New York Department of Conservation issued a rejection of the permit to the dangerous and unnecessary pipeline. The rejection “without prejudice” allows Williams to resubmit its application with additional mitigation measures. The pipeline is slated to carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania through New York Harbor and out to the Rockaways. Activists will address the decision at a rally on the steps of City Hall tomorrow at noon.

Our Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition, issued the following statement:

“New Yorkers are winning the fight against the Williams fracked gas pipeline, and we’ll make sure this dangerous and unnecessary pipeline is never built. While Cuomo refuses to stand up for our health and safety, utilities and gas companies are holding our energy needs hostage, manufacturing false demand and threatening moratoriums if we don’t let them poison our communities. New York is at a crossroads, and this is the time to meet National Grid’s moratorium threat with funding the renewable heating and cooling industry. This outcome is even more reason why we need a state-wide ban on all new fossil fuel projects. There’s no room for fracked gas in a Green New Deal for New York.”

Now is the time to turn up the heat on renewable heat!Annnd ACTIONS:

1Join us Thursday at noon on the steps of NYC City Hall to join together, celebrate, rally the Williams Pipeline decision and

2. Join us Thursday at 5:30pm outside Cuomo's event to turn up the heat on renewable heat!