Climate Strike | Hunger Strike | Stop the Williams Pipeline, Cuomo

The clock is ticking, and we have three days to Stop The Williams fracked gas pipeline.

  • Will Governor Cuomo side with the people or with corporate profiteers?

  • We gave National Grid a fright yesterday with our jovial Heat Pumps, Not Pipelines action.

  • Today, we start a hunger strike at Governor Cuomo's NYC office until a decision is made on the pipeline.

Governor Cuomo has three days to halt the Williams Co. fracked gas pipeline coming from the fracking fields of PA, where our families live, through residential areas of NJ, and under the NY Harbor. If approved, the pipeline would create a trench for 23 miles from Raritan Bay, through NY Harbor to the Rockaway peninsula's precious beaches.

We build a movement of opposition to this pipeline in the past two and a half years.

  • Over 60 elected officials, including NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, Speaker of the NYC Council, Corey Johnson, and every bi-partisan elected official on the Rockaway Peninsula, the front line of this pipeline.

  • Over 260 organizational opposition letters

  • 19,000 petitions have been sent to Governor Cuomo (add your name to our digital version)

  • Published two research reports showing lack of need for this pipeline, and how the fossil fuel industry and utilities manipulate communities to stay in power.

  • We have met with Mayor Deblasio’s and Governor Cuomo’s top aides to discuss the facts, and just yesterday, Mayor DeBlasio came out against the pipeline.

Yet, we still have not heard from Governor Cuomo. We know he wants to do the right thing, but he needs to keep hearing from you. Call him at 888-997-5380

The last two pipelines that Governor Cuomo denied he did so at the 11th hour, and his decision was overturned by FERC and the federal courts: Valley Lateral Pipeline feeding the polluting CPV Fracked Gas Power Plant in Orange Co., NY and the Northern Access Pipeline (NAPL) in Western, NY. It's time to stand up to the fossil fuel bullies.

We have the solutions to fossil fuels

Just yesterday, we gathered outside of National Grid’s “80x50 Pathway Forum” in Albany, where they identified their plans for a fracked gas future. We sent a strong message to the utilities and the Governor to invest in renewable solutions for heating buildings instead of more fracked gas pipelines. Heat Pumps Not Pipelines!

Our press conference did not bode well with National Grid, who claims gas is renewable, and their delivery of a gas product is necessary for our climate future. Watch the livestream to hear vibrant speakers such as: Senator Jen Metzger, former Sierra Club Director Aaron Mair, Assemblymember Robert Carroll, Mothers Out Front organizer Lisa Marshall, Sane Energy Project Director and Community Engagement Coordinator, Kim Fraczek and Lee Ziescherespectively, Laura Shindell from Food and Water Watch, And Director of Alliance for a Green Economy, Jessica Azulay. The last speaker, Irene Weiser, of Fossil Free Tompkins tells a chilling story about National Grid detaining her in a room for passing out leaflets about our press conference.


Today, we start a climate hunger strike at Governor Cuomo's NYC office.

New Yorkers will begin a 3-day Climate Hunger Strike in front of Governor Cuomo’s Midtown Manhattan office on Tuesday morning ahead of New York State’s May 16 permitting deadline for the Williams NESE fracked gas pipeline proposed for New York Harbor.

The women ranging from ages 21 to 75, will sit outside the office on a water-only hunger strike from 8am-7pm each day until a decision is made on the pipeline.

Click pic below to learn more and support the hunger strike