Our statement on the CPV fracked gas power plant firing up


Weeks after Cuomo’s former top-aide and childhood friend was found guilty on federal charges of conspiracy, bribery and fraud for construction Competitive Power Venture’s 680MW fracked gas power plant on the Millennium Pipeline in Orange Co, NY, Cuomo tells New York residents “I don't know the specifics of this specific plant,”  ignoring the years of protest and thousands of letters, public hearing statements, calls and more from residents across New York State.

Last week, on July 5th, Governor Cuomo was asked by a New York organizer for Food and Water Watch, if he will shut down the CPV Power Plant. The governor responded, “We are looking into it. I don't know the specifics of this specific plant.” But hang on! Ten months ago, he gave the same answer to a New York resident and member of Protect Orange County. See VIDEO hot-off-the-press

Competitive Power Ventures, the developer of this controversial fracked gas power plant, working together with the Millennium Pipeline Co. has exploited and abused the residents of Orange Co. for years.

New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) even sited this project as detrimental to our climate and denied a crucial state water quality certificate the plant needed to build the Valley Lateral Pipeline to connect CPV with the Millenium transmission pipeline. But then New York exercising its state rights was shut down by Second Circuit Court after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) complained New York took too long to say no.

While Governor Cuomo claims climate hero status by standing up to Trump’s desire to drill off our shores for oil by claiming, he would “commission a citizen fleet to stop it just as Winston Churchill did at Dunkirk,” he has continually ignored the pleas from the people of Orange County to stop the Valley Lateral pipeline and CPV fracked gas power plant.

Governor Cuomo, it’s time to be the climate leader you claim to be and Walk The Talk Off Fossil Fuels by setting an example and halting the CPV Power Plant.

Genuine leadership on climate means taking bold positions that put people over fossil fuel profits . We will not meet our climate goals or our renewable energy goals if you continue to approved fracked gas infrastructure.