Action Alert! Save Community Solar!


Right now, community solar projects throughout New York are being hurt by the State's complicated pricing scheme called VDER, shutting everyday New Yorkers out of the market and forking over more power to corporate utilities. If we don’t act quickly, New York could lose billions of dollars worth of solar project investment and jobs in the solar energy sector.

BUT we can save community solar if we act fast before the legislative session in Albany concludes for the season in just a few days.


It takes 2 phone calls today.

Call your New York State Senator

and your New York State Assemblymember and tell them:

"Hi, I am calling to tell ((Rep's name)) that New Yorkers need you to support bill A.10474 / S.8273 and save community solar power!"

Learn more about the complicated pricing scheme Governor Cuomo's Public Service Commission has created to squeeze community solar out of existence with the following short and easy-to-follow videos created for the New York Energy Democracy Alliance by Lee Ziesche of Sane Energy Project. The peoples' stories help us understand the human side of the complex policy web that we must fix.

Video 1: Meet Chris Carrick, who has worked with solar developers and municipalities in Central New York to put together 35 solar projects that may never get built if VDER is not fixed.

Video 2: Hear from Ronnie Mandler, a NYC solar developer who explains the complexities of VDER, and why he advocates to #FixVDER so he can build a solar powered New York City!

Video 3: Meet Doris and Leigh Portner, who developed community solar on their property to serve future generations. They may be the last community solar project in New York if we do not #FixVDER

Video 4: Meet Darth VDER himself, and his plans to keep power out of the hands of the people and keep it in the hands of corporate utilities and wealthy and private prospectors.