Sane Energy Project’s Statement on the Withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Climate Accord

18814119_10213441340730587_1391416744146361612_n-2 The team at Sane Energy Project was not shocked to receive the news of the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Climate Accord. The behavior of the Trump administration follows a pattern in which  the fortunes of a few in power are valued more than the health, safety and long-term economic health of the rest of us.

Following the announcement, our nation responded: numbers of governors, mayors, academics, and businesses vowed to abide by the the Paris Climate Accord and stand with the almost  200 nations that signed onto it, committing   to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, foster adaptation and mitigate climate impacts. We are pleased Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio’s decision to adhere to the accord and to make New York State and New York City a powerful example and a beacon of hope for the rest of the country. Now is our time to hold them to this decision. Scroll down for five action steps.

For our part, Sane Energy Project vows to continue our  work at the state and local level, recognizing that our choices here resonate with those who are suffering the brunt of climate impacts around the world. We will push to correct the cognitive dissonance of policy makers who talk about lowering emissions while promoting the use of fossil and nuclear fuels. We will continue opposing the development of fracked gas and oil infrastructure, and we will push for a rapid conversion to equitable, renewable energy, especially offshore wind, through policy initiatives, education and direct action.

We will continue to fight for a place at the table for citizens to have a say in energy decisions that affect our lives and livelihoods. We will continue to build a world that values the health and  safety for all we share this small planet with.

Please join us by taking these five actions today:

  1. Time Sensitive: Urge Governor Cuomo to appoint a People’s Public Service Commissioner to prevent big utilities and corporations from trumping our people power.
  2. Time Sensitive: Call your senators to halt Trump’s FERC nominations.
  3. FERCTWEETSPlanned Campaign: Call on  Governor Cuomo to power Albany’s Empire State Plaza, home to our state legislature, with renewable energy, not fracked gas.
  4. Planned Campaign: Join the People’s Offshore Wind Task Force to build a just transition to the renewable economy. Link HERESanevolunteerFB.png
  5. Planned Campaign: Share your story, and others’ stories, to demonstrate to elected officials the dangers of fracked gas infrastructure in NY, PA and soon to be added NJ. Contact for more info Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 4.16.33 PM

The People United Will Never Be Defeated.

Love, Kim, Monica and the team at Sane Energy Project.