Dear Senator Schumer: It's now or never.

Dear allies, colleagues, friends and lovers:
Wednesday, October 26th at 9am at Senator Schumer's Office at 780 Third Avenue (48th/49th) in NYC is a big day we are building toward to put pressure on Senator Schumer to publicly push FERC, the corrupt Federal Energy Regulatory Commission via Obama to issue a Stop-Work-Order on Spectra's AIM Pipeline.
What is the Spectra AIM Pipeline? A high pressure 42" fracked gas pipeline traveling from the PA shale fields, under the Hudson River, 105 feet away from decaying Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant on top of TWO fault lines to export out of New England and the Maritimes (with a few power plants along the way to pass the pipeline costs onto the rate-payers)
Read the FAQ's of the AIM Pipeline HERE
Why are we targeting Senator Schumer?
  • We do know that Schumer is MOVEABLE! He has reacted to our demands.
  • We do know that Schumer is a POWERFUL Senator capable of giving us what we want, especially in this election season. He might be the new Senate Majority Leader who may be a national point person for all of us as we develop a national campaign against FERC.
  • We do know that Schumer has NOT EXERCISED the extent of his power. He's issued a letter and filed it in FERC docket opposing the pipe. We know he can do more.
  • We know that Schumer is more apt REACT if he sees pressure happening STATEWIDE.
    • We are planning the NYC main action along with allies at Schumer's NYS and DC offices in Binghamton, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Melville, Peekskill and Washington DC. Please contact if you'd like to participate in a solidarity location.
What do we need from YOU?
  • We need you to RSVP YES on the Facebook event. We know that Schumer's office is watching, and we want him to know how many people want to see ACTION from him.
  • We need you to SIGN UP on this sheet so we can send out alerts about the event
  • We need you to commit to helping us reach our goal of getting 1,000 people in front of Senator Schumer's office at 780 Third Avenue between 48th/49th Streets on Wednesday, October 26th at 9am. Please bring those friends who always tell you they want to "get active", bring you family members, your neighbors, your favorite pizza guy! Bring 'em all! Let's show our people power.
  • Want to print flyers for passing out or tabling? Here are quarter sheet flyers HERE
  • Share these short links with your friends:
Reach out to or for any further information.