Clock Stopped on Port Ambrose!

In a letter dated March 17th, the US Coast Guard and MARAD stopped the clock on Port Ambrose, based on the following reasons:

clock 31) The volume of dEIS comments to review (That's because of what YOU did--62,000 comments!) 2) Analysis related to pipeline burial depth and the Clean Air Act is still needed before the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS can be finalized. 3) Financial data that Liberty is supposed to submit is due before MARAD can make its final decision.

This is the second time the clock has been stopped, and it is unclear for how long. The delay may push the release of the final EIS back to July, and could push the 45-day veto period well into the summer. That's great for us, because there's nothing we like better than beach leafletting, and there's nothing that beach goers like less than LNG!

Meanwhile: Momentum that can't be stopped!

We're laser focused on getting Governor Cuomo to veto the project. To convince him, we need 3 key elements:

keep-calm-were-halfway-there1) SUPPORT FROM STATE OFFICIALS. There's already been terrific bi-partisan engagement. Now, the Rosenthal/Hoylman letter,  signed by 52 state legislators, has been sent to Cuomo!

2) SUPPORT FROM CITY OFFICIALS. We need 35 votes to pass City Council Resolution 549, requesting Governor Cuomo to veto Port Ambrose. We're already more than halfway there! Currently there are 19 co-signers, and we need 16 more. Here's who still needs to sign on.

3) PUBLIC SUPPORT. Cuomo needs to hear not just from other electeds, but from citizens all over the state. Take part in the postcard campaign that's been going on: Let us know if you can host a postcard-writing party!