Turn Your City Council Rep onto Reso 549!

Goal: 35 City Council votes for the Port Ambrose resolution!

Chair of the Environmental Committee, Donovan Richards, has written an important resolution opposing Port Ambrose and calling on Governor Cuomo to veto it. The public hearing for this resolution will take place on Wednesday, April 1st. As advocates, we need to support this action by getting at least 35 council members signed on. Let's do that by the April 1st hearing!

Here's a running count of who's signed on and who hasn't. Please check if your rep has signed on already; if they have, thank them! If not, CALL THEM (or write to them using use the email address and sample letter provided).



Background: The City of New York has no official jurisdiction over Port Ambrose, despite it being proposed off our shoreline, however, Governor Cuomo DOES. He can veto it and stop this project cold. To convince him to do so, bi-partisan calls from state and local electeds have been pouring into his office. Now we need Mayor De Blasio to come out against the Port. The Mayor needs to hear a strong message from City Council, so we want massive support for this reso from across the city.

So far 15 Council Members have signed on to support the reso, but we need 20 more YES votes to pass it!

What to do:  • Check here to see if your council member has signed on yet. If they have, please call their office and THANK THEM for doing so! • If they haven't, please call or send them a letter (sample here) asking them to sign on before April 1st. • Send a message to Mayor De Blasio asking for HIM to call on Governor Cuomo to veto Port Ambrose. • Attend the April 1st hearing and testify! Council Chambers at City Hall (inside City Hall park); rally at noon, hearing at 1pm.

Photo courtesy of Martha Cameron.