Port Ambrose: Get Your Rep Involved

Great, so you've already called Governor Cuomo to ask him to veto Port Ambrose* and now you want to know what else you can do: One of the best uses of your time would be to ask your local town board, and your state rep to take a stand. There are several ways they can help influence Governor Cuomo to veto this project. They can:

• Write a letter to the Governor • Draft a resolution against Port Ambrose • Submit comments to the Coast Guard

Here's a sample letter for you to write to your rep, asking them to help. 

Please view samples letters below. Our sincere thanks to the City Council of Long Beach, Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky, and NYC Councilman Donovan Richards for showing real leadership.

Click here to view a sample resolution for your local town board to adapt.

Click here to view a letter from the City of Long Beach to Governor Cuomo.

Click here to view a letter from Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky to Governor Cuomo.

Click here to view a letter from Chair of the New York City Council Environmental Committee, Donovan Richards, to the Coast Guard requesting additional time for public comments.

Click here for the instructions to provide your reps if they want to file comments to the Coast Guard.

*Oh–you didn't call Cuomo yet? Well here's the number, please call now! (518) 474-8390