Keep the Radon Bill Moving Along!

UPDATE, June 20: Unfortunately, the radon bill did not reach a floor vote this legislative session, which closed today. But we'll get it next year! While we were hopeful, it would have been a long shot to pass a bill so easily. The coming recess gives us all more time to educate the wider public so they can convince their reps to support the measure. To join Citizen Radon Watch, an alliance that does outreach and education on radon, please send an email to:

UPDATE, June 11: Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, Sane Energy Project and Citizen Radon Watch have joined forces to promote education about radon, and the bill (A6863-B) that could protect consumers. We are hearing from Albany that they are getting LOTS of calls and the bill is definitely on their radar–thanks for that–but the bill is STILL not on the Codes agenda yet. With session closing on June 20th, the committee is meeting every day now, so PLEASE GET YOUR CALLS IN and request that they prioritize this bill. There are 5 members of Codes who also sit on Ways and Means (next committee needed) so calls now have twice the impact. Please focus on Chairman Lentol and those names highlighted in blue, especially Weinstein, Pretlow, and Perry. Thanks for getting it done!

The radon bill has Assembly Codes Committeepassed in the Health Committee--YAY! Now it needs to get through the Codes Committee. We need to get this bill out of committee SOON. There are only 2 weeks left in session so we need to make sure this bill comes to a floor vote. Folks have done a great job calling reps and we hear encouraging news from committee members who were impressed with citizen outreach!

Now we need to call committee chair Lentol and ask him to get the bill on the committee agenda next week and remind him how important this bill is to NYS voters.

Got 5 minutes? Assembly Member Lentol's district is Williamsburg and Greenpoint, if you live in or near his district, please mention that, but call as a concerned citizen no matter where you live.

District Office: 718-383-7474 Albany office: 518-455-4477 Email:

What's next? If the bill passes the Codes committee, it will go to the Ways and Means committee next. Assembly Members Lentol, Cook, Perry, Pretlow, and Weinstein, also sit on Ways and Means, so it's extra important to contact these representatives now. If you have time, contacting all the reps highlighted in blue or green is worthwhile! Find contact info for members here. 

Here's a sample call script: "I’m calling to ask for your support of A6863-B, which protects consumers from radon. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and kills more people each year than drunk driving. Changes in the statewide gas supply could create a public health risk, because new pipelines are designed to carry gas from Marcellus drill sites in Pennsylvania directly into New York. Marcellus shale is extremely radioactive, potentially 20-to-70 times higher than where we used to get our gas from–and so close to end users in NY that there won’t be sufficient transit time for radioactive decay to happen. Before this gas gets delivered to consumers, utilities need to guarantee it won’t contain dangerous levels of radon, and that’s what this bill will do. It will require utilities to monitor and mitigate radon levels in delivered gas. Can we get your commitment to vote yes on this bill? I will follow up by sending a link to the bill and the recent hearing by email when we hang up."

Thanks for your support on this important bill!