Help Pass the Radon Bill!

The Linda Rosenthal Radon bill (A6863-A) is live this session, with 22 Assembly cosponsors and counting! radon atomThese Assemblymembers have signed on: Abinanti, Miller, Gottfried, Roberts, Quart, Markey, Brennan, Otis, Paulin, Cahill, Dinowitz, Gunther, Englebright, Colton, Cook, Galef, Glick, Lifton, Rivera, Robinson, Sepulveda, Buchwald. These state senators have signed on (Senate same-as: S04921-B, Diane Savino, sponsor): Addabbo, Avella, Carlucci, Hoylman, Krueger, Latimer, Serrano. 

Has YOUR state rep signed on yet? IF NOT, PLEASE CALL THEM! If your rep is any of the above co-sponsors, please call and THANK them. Find your Assembly rep here, and your State Senator here.

Once the budget talks are over, in early April, we want to push this bill forward. Why is this bill important? Read this or listen to this. Please help get your state rep on board!

Feel free to use this suggested call script:

"I'm calling to ask for your support of A6863-A (or for Senators, S4921-B), the Linda Rosenthal/Diane Savino radon bill. I’m concerned about changes in the statewide gas supply that could create a public health risk from radon. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and kills more people each year than drunk driving. The risk comes from new pipelines that would carry more gas from drill sites in Pennsylvania directly into New York. Marcellus shale is extremely radioactive–potentially 20-to-70 times higher than where we get our gas from now–and so close to end users in NY that there won’t be sufficient transit time for radioactive decay to happen.

I oppose these new pipelines and hope that you'll help us fight those too [name the pipeline in your area if appropriate], but there are so many (30+) gas infrastructure projects planned, it's doubtful we'll be able to keep all the Marcellus gas out. Before this gas gets delivered to consumers, utilities need to guarantee it won't contain dangerous levels of radon, and that's what this bill will do. It will require utilities to monitor and mitigate radon levels in delivered gas.

Could you please consider co-sponsoring the bill? I'll check back in a couple of days."

If you are in or near any of these districts, it's especially important to call these reps who sit on the Health committee (click the names for contact info):

Brian Kavanugh from the East Village Robert Rodriguez from the Upper East Side/East Harlem Andrew Hevesi and Barbara Clark from Queens Steve Cymbrowitz and Rhoda Jacobs from Brooklyn Matthew Titone and Joseph Borelli from Staten Island Sandy Galef from Westchester Charles Lavine from Glen Cove, Long Island Crystal Peoples-Stokes and Robin Schimminger from the Buffalo area