Rosenthal Launches Radon Bill

rosenthal duffernetterUPDATE: The radon bill is live this session, with 21 cosponsors and counting! Has YOUR state rep signed on yet? IF NOT, CALL THEM!

Find your Assembly rep here, and your State Senator here.

When Sane Energy Project visited the offices of Assembly Member, Linda Rosenthal, and explained the problems with radon that might be coming through new pipelines into city kitchens, even we didn't expect the response we got: Let's write a law about it. You mean, be proactive? Who knew!

At a point when donations from gas and oil interests are rampant, when scandals in Albany dominate news cycles, when the governor stalls on doing the right thing and banning fracking, the Assembly member has done something extraordinary: drafted a bill that would protect New Yorkers from a potential threat that no government agency had previously taken steps to prevent.

We don't want ANY fracked gas being used, but if we can't stop every pipeline they're planning to build, the government ought to at least prevent a public health crisis created by a changing gas supply.

Rosenthal's radon bill, A6863 requires utilities statewide to monitor and mitigate radon before it is delivered to consumers. (The Senate same-as, S4921, is sponsored by Staten Island rep, Diane Savino.) In video from the recent Cooper Union forum, Lung Cancer & New York City Kitchens, Rosenthal explains the provisions of the bill, and urges citizens to support it. To show there is widespread support for the measure, she says we need to "inundate" electeds with calls to action.

Reporter Eilen Stukane details the background and merits of the bill in her recent article from The Villager. Stukane reiterates Rosenthal's suggestion that, "If the bill is to be signed into law, New Yorkers who support it, must e-mail, snail mail, text or call their representatives, in both the Assembly and state Senate and cite support of the bill numbers."

So have at it! Find your Assembly rep here, and your State Senator here. Calls are preferred but we can also submit a petition signature for you. SIGN HERE!