Park Slope Food Coop Joins Food Not Fracking

PSFCThe Park Slope Food Coop has been an institution in Brooklyn long before the term "locavore" was a gleam in some Williamsburg hipster's eye. Founded in 1973, when the brownstone revival was in its infancy, it has grown to almost 16,000 members, and is a nexus for healthy, local food. Always ahead of the curve on enviro issues, PSFC  already has a policy against purchasing food from areas at risk from fracking, and a member, Elizabeth Royte, wrote Fracking our Food Supply for The Nation magazine. A new article, published in the Coop's newsletter, The Linewaiter's Gazette, explores the history of food regulation in America and how we can counteract the pending risks to our foodshed. Read the whole story online (see page 4) or, if you'd like to use it for tabling, a PDF of the story can be downloaded here (best printed on 11x17 paper).
We'd like to welcome the Coop to the Food Not Fracking alliance, and thank them for their ongoing support in the fight against fracking: their history of petition drives; donating to multiple activist groups; and most recently, supporting the farmers of Minisink, NY who are at risk from a compressor station.