The Spectra Pipeline

FERC Docket No. CP11-56-000Status: In Service

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The "New Jersey-New York Expansion Project" is a high-pressure shale gas pipeline, varying in diameter from 42-30" and 350-1400 psi, known more commonly by the name of its builder's parent company, Spectra Energy. It travels up the NJ shoreline, through the edge of an environmental justice community in Staten Island, past multiple chemical and industrial plants, next to the NJ Turnpike, under Jersey City. It crosses the Hudson River near the Hoboken PATH station and enters Manhattan at the Gansevoort Peninsula in the West Village, just south of 14th Street.

Public outcry against the pipeline was intense and sustained. 500 residents filed to intervene against it. In October of 2011, Mark Ruffalo lead 300 Occupy Wall Street (OWS) marchers from Zucotti Park to the Manhattan FERC hearing. In response to the draft EIS (Environmental Impact Statement), nearly 5,000 public comments were filed against the Spectra pipeline, with only 22 in favor. Two lawsuits were filed: One against FERC, and one against the Hudson River Park Trust, where the girlfriend of then-mayor Michael Bloomberg oversaw approval of a park easement for the pipeline. FERC approved the pipeline, nonetheless, and construction began in 2012. Sane Energy Project was an intervener and plaintiff in a lawsuit against the project. Our reasons for opposing the project are detailed here and here.



During construction of the pipeline, an offshoot of OWS formed a new group, Occupy the Pipeline (OTP), which organized a year-long series of rallies, marches, and actions. Protests began with concerts and performance art, but soon escalated. On separate occasions, ten arrests took place when protesters blocked backhoes and locked themselves to equipment. A video created by OTP garnered more than 750,000 views on YouTube, and news crews from WNBC, WPIX, NY1, Fox News, The Guardian and multiple local papers covered the issue. The day after the pipeline went into service (November 1, 2013), fourteen protestors, including NYC Councilman Corey Johnson, were arrested for blocking traffic on the West Side Highway.



Now that the pipeline is in service, Sane Energy Project and OTP continue to spread the word about its presence and the dangers it brings. The March, 2014 explosion in Harlem demonstrated the damage an 8" gas main can cause, leveling two buildings and killing 8 people. We hope this tragedy will direct the city towards dismantling outdated fossil fuel infrastructure and replacing it renewable sources of energy.

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Manhattan Route, Spectra plus Con Ed Extension Danger Zone Radius in West Village Aerial Photo of San Bruno Blast Radius, for Comparison Route of Marcellus shale gas to NYC market Connection to Con Ed lines Major Trunk Lines (All Suppliers) into NYC Entire Spectra Route (Linden, NJ to West Village, NY) Detail of Spectra Route (Aerial Photo, New Jersey into New York) Detail of Spectra entering Manhattan at the Gansevoort Peninsula