The Village Voice Blasts Spectra Project

True to its longstanding tradition of outraged journalism, The Village Voice (a paper that relentlessly followed the Westway debacle), covered another Hudson River travesty. Explaining the size and pressure of the Spectra pipe, the reporter notes, "When these things blow, they blow the fuck UP." Writer Nick Pinto handily sums up the major issues with the project: the terrible safety record of the builder; the skewed FERC approval system; the various lawsuits; the community resistance–and especially–the placement of the pipe adjacent to the new fire boat station, the new water main, and, "the Pier 51 playground, frequented by the sometimes adorable and always flammable children of the neighborhood."

Online comments are flooding in and we invite Sane Energy members to chime in. It has taken 2 years for any major NYC media outlet to finally do some in-depth reporting on this issue, and we'd like to signal the Voice that this is a topic we'd like them to follow up on. Full story here.