Multiple New Pipeline Groups Form

How urgent is the fight against pipelines? It may be demonstrated by the flurry of opposition groups coming together to fight pipelines all over New York State: OWS has been organizing a near-constant presence at the Spectra site, as well as marches, rallies, teach-ins and leafletting. Stay in touch at Occupy the Pipeline or attend weekly meetings 7pm Wednesday nights at the Brecht Forum. Check in through twitter @SpeakOWS or simply put in the hashtag #SpectraShowdown.

Opponents to the Gateway pipeline have formed CARP (Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline). Check in with them on the web or Facebook. Upcoming actions are planned for Labor Day weekend.

Multiple fracktivist groups are fighting the Williams pipeline in upstate New York, and a new facebook group, Stop the Constitution Pipeline posts news, updates, and alerts.