Community Board up in arms over DOT permit for Spectra

Wednesday night's CB2 meeting in the West Village drew a lively discussion of the Spectra pipeline and the proposed DOT permit which would allow Spectra to bring their pipe out of the Hudson River and up onto the Gansevoort Peninsula. Residents and board members were appalled at the way FERC has ignored resident's concerns, going so far as to label impacts from the project "minimal" in their final EIS (Environmental Impact Statement). Members of the environmental committee worked after the public session of the meeting to draft a resolution which is expected to withold approval of the permit. That resolution will go before the full CB2 board tonight for a vote. We'll report back asap on the results of that vote and the subsequent response of the DOT. Our thanks to CB2 and especially the board members of the environmental committee for their dogged commitment to keeping the West Village and NYC safe from the Spectra pipeline.