Radon Test Demonstration

The first ever NYC Citizens Radon testing Program is underway! Only a couple dozen of our 200 test kits remain available. Sign up today to receive your radon test kit by sending an email to: contact@saneenergyproject.org. Or pick up a test kit this Saturday at the big anti-fracking rally at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine (Amsterdam Avenue @111th Street, 1-3pm). Look for the Sane Energy Project table!

The test is EASY to do--watch a demo here: NYC Citizens Radon Testing Program Demo - YouTube

We are doing this test to measure the radon level in New York City's gas supply, and to monitor whether radon levels rise as the source of our gas supply changes from faraway, conventional gas sources, to nearby, high-radon fracked shale gas. More info can be found here:Announcing The NYC Citizen Radon Testing Program | Stop the Spectra Pipeline!

To qualify for the test, you must live within the 5 boroughs and use a gas stove, and you must commit to retesting at the same residence for the next 2 winters.

For complete instructions read this:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41163777/radon%20instructions.pdf To fill out an application to participate, click here:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/41163777/radon%20application.pdf

For a list of pickup locations, or to have a test kit mailed to you, send an email to: contact@saneenergyproject.org.

Thank you for participating!