The New York Times Covers the Spectra Pipeline

The first major media coverage of the pipeline hit newsstands today, with an article by Times reporter, Mireya Navarro, who attended last Thursday's hearing. The article generated enough buzz to be included in the NYToday news highlights and created a flurry of radio and blog coverage. The article notes the Spectra pipeline "has drawn firm support from Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and barely a shrug from environmental groups. But with a decision by federal regulators expected early next year, an opposition campaign is gaining some heft." (Hey–That would be all of us!)

The fight against the pipeline has been led by grassroots groups such as No Gas Pipeline, Sane Energy Project, United for Action, NYH20, and now Occupy Wall Street, with support from the Sierra Club, and recently, Food and Water Watch. But it's true that the established NGOs, even those which claim to be anti-fracking, have largely turned a blind eye to this piece of infrastructure that will enable the development and export of shale gas. The disconnect is troubling.

Even an outfit one might expect strong opposition from, Friends of the High Line, has been M.I.A. on the topic. Given how dangerously close the pipeline would run to this beloved structure, and the likelihood of damage or destruction in the event of an accident, this is indeed odd. Coincidentally, the Times also reported the recent $20 million gift to the High Line conservancy from Mayor Bloomberg. We certainly hope the High Line is around long enough to make good use of this generous gift.