What to do RIGHT NOW

1) Give yourself a hand!We have all been fighting long and hard to make sure this pipeline never casts its dangerous shadow over the Metro area. The response to FERC has been overwhelmingly opposed to this pipeline: Comments continue to be posted to the FERC site (there is a lag time before comments go online), but the trend is undeniable: To date, in addition to verbal comments at the 4 local hearings, 1999 individual comment letters have been posted, plus 2284 copies of petitions to the NY City Council, all in great contrast to the 18 comments in favor of the pipe, most of which were from industry or groups which stand to benefit financially from its installation. The 325 letters collected by Sane Energy Project have not yet posted to the site, but we have proof of receipt. We'll post a final count once all the letters are in. Thank you to everyone who participated!

2) Sign our petition to City Council: Unfortunately, Speaker Christine Quinn's filed comments did not address the desires of the citizens who wrote in urging her to pass a resolution against the pipeline. Please join the nearly 1200 signers on petition number two (these in addition to the 3,000 earlier signers who were also ignored by Quinn). We'll post the comments of public officials and offer a report card shortly.  Environment Petition: Stop the pipeline, stop fracking. | Change.org

3) Ask for more media coverage: Mireya Navarro offered the first major media reporting on the Spectra pipeline in the New York Times The New York Times Covers the Spectra Pipeline | Stop the Spectra Pipeline! Please urge Ms. Navarro and her editors to do more and in-depth reporting on this important issue, and on the radon risk to city residents. Mireya Navarro - The New York Times

4) Tell the Mayor's office you don't want this pipeline. David Bragdon heads the Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability, and is responsible for implementing the Mayor's policies. Please explain your objections to Mr. Bragdon, and offer your support for the many positive aspects of the Mayor's efforts to green up New York. The buildout of new gas infrastructure is simply not one of their better ideas. (212) 788-3069 or dbragdon@cityhall.nyc.gov 

5) Stay tuned. We'll be sending out updates weekly. If you're not already subscribed to our mailing list, send an email to contact@SaneEnergyProject.org and we'll add you. Thanks again for everything you've already done!