Stop the pipeline, Stop Fracking

Pipelines and fracking are inextricably linked. Pipelines are the infrastructure that carry shale gas from the drill site to our homes. The extraction process of methane, from cradle to grave, has been found to be more damaging even than coal, from the threat to our air and water, to the effect on climate change (see "Howarth Study" in "studies" at right). The Spectra pipeline would have a more profound effect than most. It enables the conversion of New York City's buses, boilers and power plants to methane, and, with its proximity to our port, creates a natural drive to build an LNG export terminal in our harbor. If an LNG terminal is created in the New York bay, air quality throughout lower Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn will be gravely affected. Greenhouse gases would be emitted 24/7. Easy export capabilities will increase the demand to frack in the Marcellus Shale and in the NYC and Delaware River Basin watersheds. 

If you want to stop fracking, help us stop this pipeline. How? • Click on "Action Alerts" and get involved. • Subscribe to our weekly email alert. We'll let you know about important events, hearings, and deadlines. Email us at • Help us alert others: Link your friends to this website. • Volunteer with us: • Call or email your elected officials and demand that New York make the shift to renewables NOW.  We don't need to be spending money on more infrastructure to carry yet another dirty fossil fuel; gas is not a "transition" fuel––it's a dead end.