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Kim Fraczek,


Kim leads our team and handles the day-to-day running of Sane Energy Project. Please contact Kim if you have an event, sign-on letter, or alliance you would like Sane to participate in.

Kim has been with Sane Energy Project since 2012. With a background in both corporate creative production and social justice, she has an unusual range of experience and perspective. Her integrity, creative talent and positive energy lends to Sane’s distinct brand of activism and high regard in the movement community.

Prior to leading Sane, Kim co-founded the allied group Occupy the Pipeline, which was active from 2012 through 2014, and produced street performances, art and music-filled rallies and marches, and direct actions that garnered significant media attention against the Spectra NY-NJ Expansion pipeline. Kim was also a member of The People’s Puppets, creating eye-catching art for a variety of social causes; and a leader of the arts team that made the 2014 People’s Climate March such a compelling media event.

Kim continues to spearhead imaginative strategies in all our campaigns and to instill activism with a spirit of community and joy. She is committed to using art as a tool for social engagement, and has brought a wise and considerate hand to all of our ongoing work.


Lee Ziesche, Community Engagement Coordinator

Community Engagement Coordinator, Lee Ziesche, has been a long-time ally to Sane Energy before joining the staff in 2017.

Lee is a writer, documentary filmmaker and organizer who has worked with hundreds of communities on the front lines of the fight to stop fracking and fracked gas infrastructure. For over three and a half years she traveled around the world to these communities as the Grassroots Coordinator for International WOW Company’s award winning GASLAND films. She continues to report on the fight to stop fossil fuels as Seeding Sovereignty's New York and Pennsylvania fossil fuel resistance correspondent and is directing her first full length documentary, THUNDERDOME, USA about the 2016 Presidential Election. She has a bachelors in Telecommunications from the University of Florida school of Journalism with a minor in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance.

Now Lee leads our bi-monthly volunteer meetings, coordinates with allied groups and community members.

advisory Council

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Clare Donohue

Senior Advisor & Founder

Clare is a kitchen and bath designer living a secret life as an activist. She grew up in the Catskills and became involved in the anti-fracking movement shortly after learning about plans for drilling near her hometown. Two months later, she learned of plans to build the Spectra pipeline and called a meeting of like-minded activists, who soon formed Sane Energy Project.

Her naturally geeky tendencies are put to good use digging deep into research about pipelines and such. She agrees wholeheartedly with Emma Goldman on dancing.


Elliot Figman

Senior Advisor

A resident of the neighborhood immediately affected by the Spectra pipeline, Elliot was an early supporter of Sane Energy Project and later joined the leadership team. As the Executive Director of Poets & Writers, the nation’s largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers, Elliot has brought his experience to bear in helping Sane grow and flourish. As a published author, he contributes editorial and writing skills, is our designated tweeter, and sometime performer.

Sane Core Team

The Sane Energy Core Team is a dedicated group of volunteers who are campaign-focused. We meet once a month and communicate our achievements, ideas and visions through an online project management program called Basecamp. Would YOU like to join the core team? Contact Lee at  Lee@SaneEnergyProject.org

The Sane Energy Core Team is a dedicated group of volunteers who are campaign-focused. We meet once a month and communicate our achievements, ideas and visions through an online project management program called Basecamp. Would YOU like to join the core team? Contact Lee at Lee@SaneEnergyProject.org


Monica Hunken

Monica has been part of the Sane Energy family for years. As a performer, teacher and organizer, Monica has utilized theater at the center of her activism, working for a multitude of causes: fighting fracking infrastructure by co-founding Occupy The Pipeline and doing outreach for GasLand as a member of International WOW Theater Company; bicycle advocacy for Time’s Up!; performing with and acting as action captain for Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping for more than a decade; designing and orchestrating artistic interventions across the U.S. and Europe.

Monica is a creative direct action trainer with Beautiful Trouble and the training coordinator for Resist Spectra, as well as working with Second Response, using creative play to help children heal from trauma. She has devoted time to the refugee crisis, volunteering abroad and creating immersive plays that put the audience in the shoes of refugees entering a camp.

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Tom Ross

Tom is honored to return to direct involvement in activist work at Sane Energy Project, his first such engagement in over twenty years.

In the ‘80s Tom worked as a housing activist and squatter at Fort Alamo Tenants Association in the South Bronx and as an organizer with the Union of City Tenants. During those years he also directed and designed theater works up- and downtown with the African Caribbean Poetry Theater, New Rican Village, and La Familia.

During the ‘90s he was active in international human rights and anti-interventionist campaigns with such organizations as the War Resisters’ League, Middle East Network/PNC, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, and participated in the efforts of international activists to support the African National Congress in the final years of its struggle against the South African apartheid regime.

For twenty-five years Tom worked in experimental theater and puppetry with, among others, Richard Foreman’s Ontological Theater at St. Mark’s, Mike Taylor, Jasper McGruder, Theodora Skipitares, Pavol Liska, Jane Catherine Shaw, and Patti Bradshaw. Tom trained in butoh dance at Body Weather Farm with Min Tanaka and Hisako Horikawa in 1997, toured with a butoh company in Aomori Prefecture, Japan as a guest artist in 1998, and designed and performed solo butoh works from 1998-2000 at the Walker Art Center, Knitting Factory, Charas/El Bohio, and Snug Harbor Arts Center.

In recent years Tom has been committed to fiction writing, and has also worked as a researcher for Yves Smith on her Naked Capitalism blog team.


JK Canepa

JK Canepa grew up in Pennsylvania (a place she grieves over for the devastation she saw as a child in the strip mining of coal and now re-experiences as fracking poisons the state). She moved to New York, which always felt like home. As a recovering computer programmer, she jumped into activism a while back and later learned how much fun and life-enhancing that can be when we throw our hearts into it, and how, with our loving energy, we can stand and fight for life on Earth. As John Seed says, “It’s the only game in town.” During the time of the legendary actions to save NYC’s beloved and threatened community gardens at the turn of the millenium; she was arrested in the Coqui, a giant (puppet) frog in Esperanza garden in Loisaida. El Coqui’s death by developers galvanized the city and resulted in protection to hundreds of community gardens. JK also joined a group of imaginative tricksters and we got NYC to stop purchasing tropical timber for boardwalks and park benches, a tragic choice that made our city the biggest end-user of rainforest wood in North America. Now she happily works and plays with Sane Energy Project on encouraging offshore wind and other renewables, fighting pipelines, and supporting community voices and power. She’s a denizen of the East Village, a Deep Ecologist, a member of the Eco-Logic collective on WBAI-FM, a community gardener, a cat lady, a cyclist, a dancer, a writer of strange things, a yoga practitioner, an advocate for adult home residents, and a grandmother.

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Meaghan Burke

Meaghan began volunteering with Sane Energy Project in early 2016. She was born and raised on Long Island. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from SUNY-ESF, a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University, and a Project Management Certificate from NYU. By day, Meaghan mostly focuses on the NYC stormwater system. She enjoys bringing art and music to environmental activism with her Sane Energy family.


Lisa Harrison

Lisa has been active with Sane Energy Project since the beginning. She is one of our stalwart members who always shows up and throws down. Lisa has been published in many places with her terrific Letters to the Editor, and you'll see her at many street actions, tabling and petitioning events and much more. We are so privileged to have Lisa be a consistent presence over the years at Sane Energy.

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Kevin O'Keefe

Long Island Core Team Member Kevin O'Keefe joined our team after meeting us at our booth at The Clearwater Festival in 2014, where he’d spent weeks as a volunteer setting up and tearing down the annual concert.

He calls himself a “chronic volunteer” and since connecting with Sane he has led the development of a nascent grassroots team in Nassau and Suffolk counties. He was a key figure in the successful fight against the Port Ambrose LNG project.


Marianne Waldow

Marianne Waldow is a New Yorker at heart. Even more her heart knows sharing wins over accumulating. Marianne has been a member of Occupy the Pipeline working to spread the word about dangers of fracked and all natural gas, particularly in the Spectra Pipeline.

Now she is volunteering with Sane Energy Project to win with renewable energy and close the book on fossil fuels, including sharing on social media, and volunteering with NY Common Pantry to help distribute food to New Yorkers in need.


Annie Garneva

Driven by a deep love of land that was first nurtured in the fields and mountains of her native Bulgaria, Annie is committed to building sustainable and regenerative local economies that center around ecological and social well-being and justice.

Within the Sane Energy team, she works on the Wind Not Williams campaign and You Are Here map, and loves any opportunities for research, deep learning and direct action. In addition to environmental and social justice issues, Annie works in advocacy and communications around issues of workforce and economic development.


Nick Shearman

Nick is a Long Islander born and raised. He cares deeply about protecting the Island's air, water, people, and land, and is working as a Sane volunteer to support a regional, just transition away from natural gas and fossil fuel infrastructure towards renewable energy. As a community/urban planning professional, Nick aims to contribute his experience to help communities and New York residents become actively involved in the planning of renewable energy projects and campaigns.

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Brigitte Kinniburgh

Brigitte Kinniburgh has worked at the United Nations International School for the last 15 years, managing admissions for their high school.

Prior to that, she worked for the Unesco Liaison Office in New York and earlier in the Unesco office in Washington, DC, assisting with the liaison with Paris Headquarters. Being a French native she also taught French in various government agencies and is qualified as an interpreter. She is passionate about environmental issues and social justice.

Ian and Brigitte.jpg

Ian Kinniburgh

Ian Kinniburgh was born in London a very long time ago. After college, he worked as a volunteer in Pakistan before moving to Australia to study and teach. This was combined with participation in some of the activist issues of the day, notably the Anti-Apartheid and Nuclear Disarmament movements. Some decades ago, he moved to New York on a contract with the United Nations Development Programme.

He then worked with various UN entities, including a spell in Geneva, until he reached his sell-by date. He is now making a losing effort trying to do all the things he should have done years ago.

There are so many others who’ve been informally part of our team since we formed, and we are grateful to everyone who has partnered in any and all of our efforts. Thanks to all!