Our primary goal is to hasten a rapid and just transition to renewable energy. We need strong grassroots momentum that calls for a rethinking of our energy system from the bottom up, and we are animated by a vision of  a city and state powered by 100% equitable and community-led renewables.  To realize this vision, we work to change three conditions:

  • Awareness We work to:

    • Alert the public to the risks that the development of shale gas infrastructure projects poses to the climate and public health.

    • Amplify the work that other groups  are doing to educate the public about the risks of these projects

    • Spotlight the undemocratic way shale gas infrastructure is reviewed and rubber-stamped by FERC

    • Vision alternative systems of governance and energy ownership

  • Attitudes We aim to:

    • Dispel the false impression that shale gas is safe and that its development benefits the climate

    • Stimulate protests against FERC’s rigged review process

    • Foster the understanding that a transition to renewable energy is not only possible, but additionally led or owned by communities and there are groups currently making this happen

  • Action Once people are aware and motivated to act, we empower people by:

    • Mentoring and teaching individuals how to lead their communities so that we can collectively magnify our reach.

    • Building a movement that models respectful, collaborative, bottom-up organizing.

    • Meeting people where they are, i.e.,  understanding that all tactics are not for everyone and working with individual preferences – for instance, if someone is passionate about media outreach, we will work with them to create press releases.

    • Lending direct support to our grassroots allies around the state via art building, strategy training, and media outreach.

    • Instigating and supporting action and alliances at the local, statewide, and regional levels.

We strive to instill this work with joy, creativity and building community power.